HST Aluplast lift and slide doors


Large-format windows allow you to eliminate all restrictions, save space and freely shape the space at home. Rooms full of light, closeness to nature, no barriers and optimal use of living space are a new perspective in interior design.


The HST 85 mm lift-and-slide door is an ideal solution for those who want a comfortable combination of the interior with the terrace and a panoramic view thanks to the large glass surface. Special hardware mechanisms allow the sliding of huge sashes with minimal force. By turning the large handle down from the closed position, the sash is raised a few millimeters, the pressure of the seals is released and the sashes can be moved freely.


What dimensions can HST sliding patio doors have?

The unquestionable advantage of this type of patio door are the dimensions of the structure that can be made. The width of the leaf can be up to 3.2 m wide and up to 2.7 m high in white, which allows for the creation of glazing even over six meters.

What are the HST sliding door opening schemes?

HST 85 mm lift-and-slide doors may be available in at least several different versions and arrangements of wings and non-opening parts. The variety of structures is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution. The most popular HST door diagrams are 2-section variants - with one or both movable leaves - or 4-section variants - with two middle or all movable leaves.

Are the lift and slide doors tight?

In this solution, the sealing is realized by means of integrated seals, which guarantees high tightness. Adequate tightness of the space between the moving HST door leaves when they remain in the closed position is ensured by a special system of overlapping catches equipped with a system of rebate gaskets.

HST doors use specialized window fittings, which guarantee that the leaves slide freely and without the slightest resistance in relation to each other or in relation to the non-opening parts of the structure.



Is the HST 85 lift and slide door warm?

Changes in the construction of sections allowed for a significant improvement in the thermal transmittance of the profiles, which, depending on the selected option, allows to obtain the weighted average value of the heat transfer coefficient Uf = from 1.5 W (m2 * K) in the Basic version, through Uf = 1.3 W (m2 * K) in the Standard version up to Uf = 1.1 W (m2 * K) in the Premium version. Despite its enormous size, HST doors remain an effective barrier against heat leakage.

The table below presents the values of the heat transfer coefficient Uw for an exemplary HST door (SCHEME A) with dimensions of 4000 x 2300 mm, glazed with a two-chamber glass with a heat transfer coefficient for the central part of the glass Ug = 0.5 W (m2 * K) and Ug = 0, 7W (m2 * K) and the value of the linear heat transfer coefficient of the thermal bridge at the junction of the glass with the frame Ψ = 0.04 W (m2 * K).




The hst 85 mm sliding door system is a solution that allows your dream home to be full of light, free from architectural barriers, close to the surrounding nature, and at the same time comfortable, warm and safe.

HST doors are a modern and safe solution, designed to eliminate ubiquitous barriers. The low door threshold with a height of 48 mm, which can be recessed from the side of the room along its entire height, meets the requirements for construction without architectural barriers and allows trouble-free entry and exit. Thanks to this solution, it is also possible to align the threshold with the floor surface and thus completely eliminate architectural barriers. Specially shaped threshold feet enable connection with additional system profiles, such as e.g. extensions.

Sliding doors and space arrangement

The figure below shows almost everything about the advantages of HST doors in shaping the usable and living space. Being an alternative to sliding doors, classic balcony doors, after opening the sashes, go very deep into the living space, determining possible solutions related to interior design. Despite the greater installation depth than classic balcony doors, it is the HST door that leaves more freedom in managing the surface.

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