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The hidden power of technology

The IDEAL 8000 window system is a combination of the most modern technical solutions to obtain above-average properties, guaranteeing warmth, silence, safety and exceptional window aesthetics. By choosing the IDEAL 8000 window system, you choose a top-shelf product in which the quality of the profiles and the materials used are not subject to compromise. The well-thought-out structure and geometry of the profiles, combined with the available technologies, ensure excellent statics, long-term maintenance of the window function and trouble-free operation.

Creating window structures with low thermal transmittance is not only a fashion and curiosity, it is a permanent and long-term direction of window technology development. The Ideal 8000 system fits perfectly in the search for thermal energy savings by increasing the depth of sections and the number of internal chambers and the implementation of new glazing technologies for window sashes.

Feel the energy of the interior

The Uf = 1.0 W / m2K heat transfer coefficient of the profiles obtained in the research places the IDEAL 8000 system among the solutions of fundamental importance for investors interested in energy-saving construction. Achieving such results was possible thanks to increasing the depth of the profiles to 85 mm, the six-chamber structure of the profiles and the designed system of three seals. The possibility of using energy-saving glazing units up to 51 cm wide allows for the creation of windows with a very low thermal transmittance. For example, a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm with the use of a glazing unit with a coefficient of Ug = 0.5 W / m2K achieves a thermal insulation coefficient of Uw = 0.76 W / m2K, which meets the requirements for windows in the so-called passive construction. The IDEAL 8000 system is a classic structure with a central seal, which guarantees above-average properties in terms of tightness of the structure, thermal and acoustic insulation.

Security and silence

We want to feel safe at home, and at the same time, according to police statistics, most home burglaries are carried out through windows and balcony doors. That is why it is so important to choose the right components that will allow us to better protect our homes:

 Safetec inside - for even better protection against burglary

The Ideal 8000 system is one of the few systems on the market with the so-called The "classic middle seal". A special extruded central rebate, to which the third, internal seal firmly adheres, ensures better tightness of the entire structure, improves thermal and acoustic properties, and also makes it difficult to balance the sash, blocking access to the fittings.

Ideal 8000 profiles, due to their design solutions increasing burglary resistance, are products recommended by the Safe House program.


 Bonding inside - protection against the glass being pushed out

The recommended, and in fact obligatory, solution in the case of woodwork with increased burglary resistance is to protect the glazing units against being pushed into the interior of the room. In this case, the "bonding inside" technology of sticking glass panes comes in handy, where thanks to the circumferential gap with the adhesive, permanently connecting the glass with the profile, we effectively prevent the glass from being pushed out of the sash.

Multifunctionality - a triumph of technology

The Ideal 8000 series is a multifunctional system that uses the MULTIFALZ technology, i.e. the optional possibility of using the glued-in glass technology. Thanks to the new geometry of the glazing rebate, it is not only possible to use conventional glazing, but also to glue the glazing. These technologies can be used alternately or combined depending on the needs, e.g. it is possible to improve the thermal properties of the structure by eliminating steel reinforcements and gluing glass panes, or using larger window sizes, colors, etc., with both steel reinforcement and glass gluing technology.


The optional use of glass bonding technology allows for even greater stability of the windows. Due to the permanent bonding of the glass and the sash, the risk of warping, bending and subsidence of the sash is reduced, thus extending the life of the sashes without the need to adjust them. By bonding the glass to the profile along its entire perimeter, a significant part of static loads is transferred through the glass, which is more resistant to bending than the sash profile, and thus stabilizes the window.

System with a central seal

The system of three seals used in the IDEAL 8000 series is not only a greater tightness of the entire structure, but also a much longer life of the hardware mechanisms, which in the so-called dry chamber are isolated from external conditions. This ensures better operation of the hardware components and failure-free use of the windows.

Elegant, timeless design

Expressive and perfect in form design. It is a line for people who value freedom of choice, combining aesthetic values with technological requirements. In addition to the shape, the color of the windows and doors has a great influence on the aesthetic effect. A wide range of decorative foils and the aluskin aluminum overlay system introduce you to the modern and elegant world of unrestricted play with colors, while maintaining the friendly warmth of PVC. All this to perfectly match the appearance of the window to your vision of the interior.

NEW: As part of the Ideal 8000 series, a very exclusive, designer solution with an aluminum sash cover flush with the frame surface is also available from this year on for a semi-flush sash. This makes it possible to obtain optics characteristic of aluminum windows.

And thanks to the use of the latest woodec decorative structures, we can effectively combine the faithfully preserved look of real wood with the modern and fashionable look of aluminum within the PVC joinery.

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Technical data
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Technical data

85 mm

Frame depth

up to 51 mm



Number of chambers

3 seals


Finishes available

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