Exterior doors 70 mm

The door is a showcase of the house, because it emphasizes its character from the entrance. The wide range of colors of the profiles, practically unlimited design possibilities and the possibility of choosing a variety of fillings, from classic to ultra-modern.


In addition, the door is expected to provide a high degree of security and protection against noise and weather conditions. The characteristic features of doors in aluplast systems are their reliability and elegance. The IDEAL 4000 series is a basic proposition in the field of aluplast external door solutions. Thanks to the multi-chamber structure with a depth of 70 mm and the use of a door threshold with a thermal insulation spacer, they have very good thermal insulation parameters. The use of steel reinforcements with large cross-sections and the use of weldable corner connectors guarantee appropriate static and strength parameters.

The low door threshold with a height of 20 mm meets the requirements for construction without architectural barriers and allows trouble-free entry and exit. Specially shaped threshold feet enable connection with additional system profiles, such as e.g. extensions. A wide aluminum drip drain drains the water to the outside.

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Technical data
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Technical data

Frame depth 70 mm
Glazing up to 42 mm

Finishes available

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