Thermally insulated fire protection system. Structures made on the basis of the FR65 system are characterized by fire resistance classes EI30 and EI60.
System characteristics:
    • 65 mm construction depth
    • symmetrical structure of the profile, central chamber filled with gypsum inserts (between thermal breaks)
    • the system is compatible with systems with a depth of 65 mm (Imperial, Ecofutural)
    • possibility of using a two-chamber glazing unit (glazing: from 17 mm to 48 mm)
    • there is a possibility of panel filling (17 mm thick panel): panels with gypsum filling, possibility of using steel or aluminum sheet
    • application of the FR65 system: internal installation
    • structures: single and double doors, permanent glazing
    • possibility of making fireproof and smoke-proof doors
    • possibility of making a door structure for use on escape routes
    • maximum dimensions of the tested structure: 4930 x 3100 mm (fixed wall)
    • maximum dimensions of single-leaf doors: 1450 x 2500 mm
    • maximum dimensions of double-leaf doors: 2690 x 2500 mm
    • single or multi-point locks, electric strikes
    • cover hinges
    • possible threshold, non-threshold solutions
    • kick (high pedestal)
    • profile optimization (one type of profile for the door frame and sash)
    • quick and easy prefabrication (no processing of the glazing bead)
    • acoustics: acoustic tests for two-leaf doors with fire resistance EI30, EI60 internal structures: from 37 decibels, panel with gypsum filling: 33 decibels.
    • wide range of colors: RAL palette (Qualicoat 1518), structural colors, Aliplast Wood Color Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anode (Qualanod 1808), bicolor.

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Technical data

Technical data

EI30 und EI60

Fire resistance class

65 mm

Building depth

1450 x 2500 mm

Maximum dimensions of single-leaf doors

2690 x 2500 mm

Maximum dimensions of double-leaf doors

Finishes available

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